‘KGB Penetrate EU’ Litvinenko

The Polonium checks out with Mario Scaramella.

For days it has been obvious that the Italians must have had a role in the murder of Litvinenko, and yet all media have been focused 100% on hiding the fact, and promoting the story that the Russians did it.

What have the Italians got to hide, and why are the British media protecting them? Litvinenko told us very simply that Romano Prodi was the head of the KGB/FSB in Italy. He was also head of the EU Commission at the time of the Nice Treaty.

Do the media feel uncomfortable that the EU is penetrated by the KGB?



The EU seems capable of murdering their opponents in mafiaesque manner, just as easily as the Russians. And yet dear old William Hague carries on treating the EU as if it was a Sunday afternoon picnic. The EU threatens our freedoms as well as our national identity and our economy. Not surprising really if it’s penentrated by Russians worried by once successful Western economies leaving it behind.

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