KGB in the EU – No Smoke Without Fire

FROM ITALY – Police in Naples last night seized documents and computers from the home of Mario Scaramella, the self-styled Italian defence consultant who was with Litvinenko when he was poisoned, after prosecutors accused him of “illegally dumping waste”.
Mr Scaramella claims he has evidence that leading Italian left-wing politicians are agents of Moscow.

The fact is that Scaramella knows something that the Italian Police and the EU want kept secret. No doubt they are looking for copies of the film which Scaramella and Litvinenko produced together listing out what Litvinenko knew. Hopefully he has made multiple copies and they are spread far and wide. One day the public might find out what’s going on with Romano Prodi and the KGB’s penetration of the EU. But just from the smoke being emitted, you can see that there’s a bloody great fire.

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