Is Francis Maude Batting For Europe?

according to the Guardian poll of voting intentions, gGreens come more from labour than Conservative, and UKIP comes more from Conservative than Labour.

If we stem any haemorrage to UKIP (How do you spell that word?), a Green party surge would hurt Labour more than us, and the growth of the minor parties need not harm us.

Is that why John Redwood and IDS have been brought out of the shadows recently – to address the anger generated by the Polly Toynbee play, and the lift provided to Nigel Farage? It would be quite a coincidence if it were not.

To FM, why are so many selections on the A List bringing in Europhiles? Isn’t the story of Bromley that Conservatives will no longer vote for Europhiles? Is Francis Maude manilpulating the A Lists to bring in the maximum number of europhiles that he can – and is that why Bernard jenkin was sacked from making the slections – the only eurosceptic amongst the selection panel?

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