EU – Government By Organised Crime

Scaramela, the Italian who lucnched with Litvinenko at the London Sushi Bar, was involved in a ‘parliamentary investigation in Rome into KGB dirty tricks’, (Times today).

It seems as if Scaramela was also an intended target, but he ate nothing at the Sushi Bar and only drank a bottle of water. That provided an assassin with little opportunity to get Scaramela in the same poisoning hit.

Many Italians had much to fear from Litvnenko and Scaramela, given the degree of KGB penetration into Italian government. Scaramela may yet live and talk some more.

Litvinenko has already revealed that Romano Prodi was the KGB’s head man in Italy – so penetration of the EU by the KGB has to be likley also. No wonder the media are so keen to portray the Litvinenko murder as an entirely Russian affair.

Blair and the media machine must protect their Brussels overlords from having the ghastly reality revealed. The EU is not only penetrated by organised crime. It is organised crime.

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