Cameron Will Get Britain Out Of The EU

Cameron got the backing of the media to win the leadership by pretending to be the next Blair. He got the full backing of Alastair Campbell’s media, which was no mean achievement. The media thought they’d bought the next EU-supporting cultural marxist, sending Liam Fox (who I supported) packing.

Trouble is that to keep the media behind him he’s had to not talk about Europe – because if he did, he’d expose a truth which would shock the media writers that he now needs in order to win power.

So Ken Clarke’s allowed to blather on about EU-yawn-making rubbish, and Hague’s allowed to produce yet more EU-Hague EPP/MER/XXX fudge and write barmy pieces about we’re all going to die if we don’t stay in the EU.

Cameron is right. First he has had to win the leadership. Then he must win power. Doing that requires allowing some other half baked idiots like Clarke, Hagiue to continue in the team. Murdoch is against Cameron as Cameron is not brown-nosing the EU. He’s got to get the Guardian/Observer/Express and as many other non-Murdoch titles if he can. And this sector likes all that Toynbee-tickling stuff.

UKIP will not help Britain get out of the EU. Cameron will.

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