Britain’s New Dark Age

The media are now trying hard to discredit Litvinenko – referring to his religious beliefs (Moslem) – and alleging he was involved with malpractice.

Paolo Guzzanti has published the Italian text of an interview he recently conducted with his friend Mario Scaramella, who is currently under observation in a London hospital after being poisoned by polonium-210.

In the interview, Scaramella says the dose of polonium which was administered to him was six times the amount considered necessary in order to be fatal. He states that although he feels well, has no symptoms at present, and his life is not immediately at risk, the doctors have told him it will be at least 5 months before it is known precisely what future course his condition will take, and that even if he survives those 5 months, he will have to consider himself a cancer patient all his life, will have to submit to chemotherapy and avoid exposing himself to sunlight.

Of his recent revelations concerning figures in political life in Italy and Russia, Scaramella says (my translation):

“I can say that all my interviews with Litvinenko, whether related to the work of the Mitrokhin commission or quite extraneous to it took place in front of a television camera and in the presence of myself and Maxim, Alex’s brother, who did the interpreting. In these interviews, Alexander spoke Russian on a freewheeling basis and for many hours.

And why are these interviews coming out precisely now?

“For a very obvious reason: I believe that the United Kingdom investigators bust be able to have every useful element at their disposal in order to find our assassins. It’s clear that if Litvinenko was poisoned, and if I was posioned, that means something: you don’t need a Nobel prize to understand that someone has tried to close our mouths, and that would make a motive, don’t you think?”

Today a rumour has begun to circulate in the press that Litvinenko was probably a vulgar blackmailer. Comments?

“It’s obvious: the prospect of the publication of possible revelations immediately releases a campaign to destroy his credibility: if the man who up till yesterday was a victim and a martyr starts to talk, even when dead, he must at least have been a blackmailer.”

What else do you wish for?

“To have the time to nail down by the use of the truth alone all those who are killing us, whether physically or in terms of our image.”

It seems that in fact he was revealing the penetration of the KGB/FSB into EU countries and the EU Commission. The media is so tightly controlled in Britain that not one paper/TV station dares to go down the line of even thinking if Litvinenko’s allegations might be true.

What a farce that liam Fox lectures Russia about its media bias. At least in Russia everyone knows the score. Putin’s a murderous barbarian. Here though, they tell us the EU’s a bed of roses. I prefer the smell of shit myself.

Trouble is every time I write what I think about the EU, they jam up my blog. It doesn’t post or get hits. That’s why I run so many blogs now to try to keep one step ahead.

I despised them before the Litvinenko murder, but now the control freaks who run Britain are seen for all they are – a cowardly bunch of assassin-tolerant crooks, who only care about keeping their shit kept hidden from public view. Blair has spawned the new dark Age of Britain, where whistleblowers get murdered and silenced without a murmur.

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