Blair’s and Brown’s Past Is Fast Catching Up With Them

Rumours are circulating that Yates the Police Officer investigating the Loans For Peerages scandal, is getting close to interviewing Blair. If he cautions Blair, there will be a surge of interest. (See

There is also a rumour that Blair’s team is raising the stakes on Yates and will insist on multiple resignations in the Police Service if he is so cautioned and use the same determination to exact revenge as Blair and Campbell did over the Hutton enquiry. Is that a realistic scenario?

During Hutton and the Kelly affair, Blair forced the BBC’s top brass into mass resignation after Gilligan exposed the sexed up dossier and publicised Kelly’s opinions on Iraq. But NuLab at that time controlled the media tightly on a wing to wing uniform basis. Alastair Campbell was at the peak of his powers.

The media now are more split with some titles openly loyal to Gordon Brown, and therefore operating to some extent against Blair – Murdoch notably and the Daily mail under Paul Dacre.

Kelly was buried literally and not one voice came to his aid (Gilligan and the BBC were terrorised into silence and the war went ahead). Yates however, can function in relative freedom while he manoevres against Blair because Gordon Brown and his media support structure is in place. It’s a different era now. In 2003, Blair walked on water, rigged elections, sold peerages (for loans) and not a finger was laid upon him. The problem for Blair and maybe for Brown too is that their pasts are starting to catch up with them.

Yates is very safe if he works with Brown’s backing, and that way Gordon avoids being implemented by the Police in return.

If the Police go after Blair, he will no doubt go for a highly public defence as did Clinton, and he will no doubt ensure that any involvement from Gordon Brown is also given a good airing. That’s when the Es Aitch One Tee will hit the fan, and all these supposed ‘Deputy’ Prime Minister aspirants will spill out into the limelight.

Those putting big money onto Brown are running a much higher risk than they know.

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