Belgium TV Warns Of Civil War

Belgium thought that Belgium was finished yesterday. The RTBS1 main French language channel broke the programme in progress to announce that a coup d’etat had occurred, the king had left the country for his safety with the army, and the Flemish had taken over the country.

People panicked. 5000 people called the TV Channel and everyone called each other on their mobile phones.

After 40 minutes, RTBS1 then admitted that it was only a fiction, and that they had done it because they wanted people to realise how dangerous the Flemish separatist movement was becoming, and they wanted people to discuss how horrific it would be if the country split.

The Flemish need the water and the electricity from the French side, but they are sick of the foreigners in Brussels and elsewhere engaging in so much crime.

Today, now people realise the programme was a ‘hoax’, it’s all calm again, and people are relieved. But yesterday they had a powerful shock.

The Flemish separatists are growing in power, insulting the Royal family at every opportunity. People compare them to the Nazis as they have a powerful far right politcal base.

The TV ‘hoax’ was an attempt to stop the advance of the Flemish breakaway movement.

It was meant to be a warning of what could happen…and an attempt to demonstrate the importance of the EU to Belgium. But disorder and crime in Belgium is out of control. Mirrroing the progress of the BNP in Britain, it is the collapse of civilised standards in society that is driving the collapse of the previous political consensus.

The Human Rights Laws that underlie the EU are the cause of the problem. It is no good just suppressing the growing anger in law-abiding communities. One day it will explode, as the TV hoax tried to show. It is essential that fear and punishment is reintroduced into the criminal justice system. The EU is not the cure but the cause of the problem.

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  1. Why Belgium need to declare war?

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