Will Farage Get the Conservatives Out Of Europe?

For UKippers to join UKIP, they first need to form the view that the Conservatives are sold out to the EU, so that they can make the Conservatives into the enemy.

Once they’ve done that, and formed a black and white view of British politics, they then proceed to ensure less eurosceptics get elected to Parliament, and more europhiles do get elected, as many as 25 in 2005 (Booker).

In fact the Conservative Party is a coalition between a large majority of eurosceptics, and a tiny rump of europhiles. The ruophiles have a lot of clout as they can call on immediate media support to attack Cameron if he becomes too eurosceptic on any issue. That’s why he allowed Hague to fudge the EPP.

The europhiles assassinated Thatcher and IDS. Any Conservative leader has to jump to their tune to some extent, as there is little choice. The problem is that too many of the activist eurosceptics have abandoned the Party, making it easier for the europhiles to get away with it.

If the efforts that go into keeping UKIP afloat would instead go into attacking europhiles, and running deselection campaigns against them, the results would be significant.

If the europhile rump of MP’s was hounded out, Cameron could move to the eurosceptic side much more firmly than he can with Ken Clarke breathing down his neck, Hague fudging the EPP, and pushing the European Reform Movement. Hague should be outed as a false eurosceptic.

If UKIP stood in europhile seats only, it would do more to achieve its objectives, and less to harm them.

The dear folk writing their resignation letter above, have lost sight of what the aim is – to get Britain out of Europe. Who cares about being a Tory pressure group? Being UKIP’s turned into a dead end, so they need a new strategy. It’s time for Nigel Farage to rethink – and quickly – and he is doing. Or UKIP will lose the current opportunities to swing Cameron further round, never mind the Kilroy Silk thing which is ancient history.

Why are UKippers so slow to advance their thinking? They see themselves as the vanguard of Britain’s freedom, but they are in danger of becoming the best allies Brussels has ever had. Dale is right. The Cameron leadership provides a great eurosceptic opportunity. Will Nigel Farage provide the leadership which ensures UKIP are pushing Britain towards the EU exit door? Or will he line up with the outdated UKIP strategy suited to Hague and the John Major era, and which the BBC and the europhiles know and love.

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3 Responses to “Will Farage Get the Conservatives Out Of Europe?”

  1. Jens Winton says:

    You never kick a dead dog. Why get worked up over UKIP? The three major parties have let Britain down and we want 100% democracy back in Britain. Hardly rocket science, is it? Cameron burnt his bridges with me when he said I was a racist because I belong to UKIP. No, we’ll go on and do our thing, thanks.

  2. tapestry says:

    If you want 100% democracy in Britain, Jens don’t carry out a programme which ensures more europhiles get elected to Westminster. You must stay true to the eurosceptic cause, and not look for excuses such as ‘Cameron called me a racist’. If UKIP don’t come up with a strategy that helps their own cause, racist would be the least of the accusations that might be made (not true of Ukippers in my experience). Incomepetent, unintelligent barmy maybe. But why define yourself by the insults of others? What are your objectives? Surely that’s what matters.

  3. Jens Winton says:

    With the exception of BOO MPs, not candidates, we will run against anyone. I don’t define myself by Mr. Cameron’s stupid insults but by my vision for this country. None of the big three parties are clamouring for the return of democracy to this country. That is part of our USP and you will find our other policies maintain this fierce need to be more socially inclusive in the area of taxation and education. At just 13 years old, we have a way to go yet but I think we have a lot to be pleased about so far. Yet we have no reason to be complacent. The work continues (and check my branch’s site in the interim for local relevance at http://www.ukiplewisham.com)

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