Who Killed Litvinenko?

Police have been examining two meetings Mr Litvinenko had on 1 November – one at a London hotel with a former KGB agent and another man, and a rendezvous with Italian security consultant Mario Scaramella, at a sushi restaurant in London’s West End.BBC WEBSITE

The Italian connection is interesting. Litvinenko was told while he was still working for the KGB that Italy’s political class was heavily penetrated by the KGB and that the KGB’s main agent in Italy was Romano Prodi.(The UKIP MEP Gerard Batten read out these allegations to the EU Parliament. A video from Channel 4 News can be found on the UKIP website. http://www.ukip.org/ukip_news/gen12.php?t=1&id=2749)

Prodi, now Italy’s Prime Minister was previously Head of the EU Commission.

He was also involved in the Aldo Moro assassination. He informed Police of the whereabouts of Moro’s corpse. When asked how he knew where it had been (the boot of a car), he said that he had received the information in a seance.

Clearly Putin has much to worry about with the investigation Litvinenko was making into the death of the murdered journalist. Putin’s statement that there is no evidence of a violent death is obviously macabre and not exactly a balanced view. Putin has to be suspect number 1. But many Italian politicians must fear exposure too. Maybe it was a combined effort.

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