Murdoch’s Mystery Men?

I wrote a strong piece on Murdoch’s sinister influence on British politics yesterday at yesterday, and here at the-tap. numbers 166 onwards.

The sitemeter on my blog stopped working within 30 minutes, and this morning my email account cannot be accessed. This has never happened before. It reminds me of when I was an activist running campaigns, being followed by strangers and so on. Or is all just a coincidence?

David Cameron is brave to take on the power of Rupert Murdoch, and should be congratulated and supported for pushing forward without the usual need by politicians seeking office to secure Murdoch’s backing. That backing comes at a price of course – the requirement to do deals on the EU. Nothing shows that Cameron is a eurosceptic more than the fact he won’t do deals with Murdoch.

As if to confirm the story, Ed Balls writes today on Bllomberg as follows –

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