John McDonnell The Only Hope

The Labour Party is locked onto a course of self-destruction. Gordon Brown has nil electoral appeal. He’s got where he is by hanging on to Blair’s apron strings, and biting everyone else around til they let go. He’s achieved near total dominance of the Party machine by taking out all his rivals, Mandelson, Campbell, Cook and now he’s hunting the biggest head – that of Blair. He’s the deadliest poison pill that British politics has ever had the misfortune to encounter, turning the NuLab years into economic and cultural catastrophy.

He will if he can, poison what’s left of his Party, which is so fearful of Brown that no one dares even stand – and then, if he gets into power he’ll poison the country’s future, condemning us to a vicious cycle of Brownian nihilism and its resulting sectarianism. He’s talking of completely overhauling Britain’s method of government. What does he mean? Accelerated regionalisation, proportional representation and a truly terrifying panoply of State powers with Brown the next Lord Protectorate – devoid of military or indeed any genius. He will break the Labour Party, and bring a long drawn out nuclear winter to British democracy.

Only John McDonnell stands between a future worthy of the name, and oblivion. Are labour MP’s so afraid that they dare not give McDonnell his 44 votes? Britain is finished as a democracy. 1 comment

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