Gordon Brown ‘A Girl’s Blouse’

I was back in hospital for three days finishing this evening and will be back again next week until Thursday. Growing up on a dairy farm in the 1950’s and 1960’s I was comtaminated by insecticide a Polychlorobenzene or PCB. This was used to kill flies and make the calf pens and cow house fly-free. The PCB killed flies by destroying their nervous systems. Of course it also does the same to humans, but a little slower. After fifty years I am showing symptoms of nervous system disorder as a result of a contamination from long ago.

The medical advances made recently are great and can do much to assist where my own nervous system is malfunctioning. Every year has had its problems following on from the original cause of trouble, but with any luck, I should be able to get the remains of the PCB out and rectify some of the damage. The hospital diagnoses which parts of the nervous system are damaged and works out what to do.

While hanging around, I asked the Sun-reading nurse last week what she thought of a few British politicans.

David Cameron? Not doing much.

Blair? She still likes him.

Gordon Brown? ‘Girl’s Blouse,’ she said, ‘ a follower not a leader.’ That’s not the line taken in The Sun. She’s worked it out for herself.

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