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BNP are extracting maximum advantage from the latest trial of Nick Griffin – which they are billing as the Free Speech trial. The authorities are mad to create martyrs out of BNP’s leaders. And the media is getting it all wrong by denying them airtime. If people could hear the BNP, they would be able to see them as slightly unhinged. As it is the media BNP blackout enables them to exploit popular anger at the way the media fails to report issues that concern them, and say ‘you’re one of us’. The BNP are making ground with leaflets, website and so on.

People have had enough of the Cultural Marxist takeover of the media and the bureaucracy that controls peoples’ lives, and they want politicians to address their concerns directly, noy tell them what they are allowed to think.

Because the media doesn’t challenge anything the BNP says, because it is not reported, the BNP are given a free ride.

The idiots who messed up Iraq by denying the realities on the ground, are achieving the same results here – the creation of sectarian politics. It’s time the media stopped hiding the BNP, and the authorities stopped suppressing them, same as they have failed to tell the truth about what’s been going in Iraq for three years. The ability of powerful media to control public opinion is no longer.

The Blair years have taught the public not to trust. The only way back is to tell the truth. If the government doesn’t start, and the media don’t change their ways urgently (even nbow Murdoch is manipulating away against Cameron and pro-Brwon), the BNP will find it plain sailing.

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  1. waywoodwind says:

    The British National Party is growing because it has taken over from New Labour as the representatives of the British working class

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