Balls To Cameron.

So nice of Ed Balls to take out advertising on Bloomberg to tell Conservatives that david Cameron is a eurosceptic (See Murdoch’s Mystery Men below). People sense that Cameron is his own man, with his own style, with his own concerns, beholden to no one and answering to his own conscience.

Balls wants voters to be angry that Cameron is not sold out to foreign powers, is not corrupt, will not take the easy route and do deals with Murdoch and the EU, as Gordon Brown has clearly done.

Ed, you just don’t get it. You croney politicians don’t like it one little bit, but the public are sick and tired of your lot, and are screaming out for a leader who speaks from his own heart, not as part of some corrupt trade-off between a load tossers out to grab power for themselves. Has it not occurred to you that the reason Cameron leaves Gordon Brown for dust in the polls is because he’s won’t trade with Murdoch and the whole corrupt system that has ruined British politics since Maggie fell. You and your dear Gordon are a corrupt bunch of incompetent wreckers and we will be well shot of you. Please take out the all the advertising you can announcing your preference for corrupt undemocratic government.

The only people who don’t realise how good David cameron is seem to be Conservatives! If they won’t believe anyone else, they might believe it when you tell them he’s as sound on Europe and matters of traditional Tory concern, as you say. Please accept Cameron’s sincere thanks.

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2 Responses to “Balls To Cameron.”

  1. John East says:

    It’s fascinating watching out of touch middle class politicians attacking each other.

    The shock horror revelation that Cameron may not have sold out to a currupt Europe will obviously be wounding for Cameron amongst the liberal chattering classes and the media. And this is the only world Balls is thinking about.

    What Balls doesn’t acknowledge is that up and down the country there are millions of people he would consider to be uncouth, unwashed, and uneducated who might actually welcome such a revelation about Cameron and vote for him because of it.

  2. tapestry says:

    Not many Conservatives believe Cameron is Eurosceptic!

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