You Never See A Farmer On A Bike

If farming was so easy why is it the highest suicide rate profession, highest divorce, and no kids are taking over from dad. Farming is selling up across the country, sick of the struggle and all the regulation, operated by the Nazis at Defra who for example have three different tagging systems for cattle – causing animals much unnecessary pain.

Add to that farmers die young. All the insecticides and pesticides which people fear are affecting their food, are in tiny quantities at shop level, but are enough to give many farmers cancer, heart prblems and other lovely ailments.

Production is not only subsidised, it is also limited by EU quotas so that farmers are fucked whichever way. Only corn can be grown in unlimited quantity but our climate is not suited to growing that. Add to that, supermarkets operate cartels and any advantage from subsidies gets hoovered up by Tesco’s shareholders.

The criminally incompetent Foot and Mouth interventions, made innoculation impossible in the UK – but it is standard procedure in all other EU countries. Millions of animals were needlessly slaughtered. The outbreak of Mad Cow Disease was blamed on offal. In fact it was caused by Organophosphates. British cattle had a dose four times stronger than all other EU countries by law. This caused many cancers in farmers, and caused Mad Cow. The OP’s are now much reduced, and Mad Cow has vanished. All the scientists who claimed this to be the case at the time are pushing up daisies, dying in mysterious car accidents etc. The lab which claimed the cause to be recycled bone etc made millions.

You’d almost think there was a deliberate campaign to eliminate British farming.

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