Will Cameron Attack Blair On Iraq?

Was the Vietnam war a failure for the West?

It arrested the advance of communism, which threatened all of South east asia, Africa and who knows, maybe South America. Today most south east asian countries are globalised free market economies, and China is the biggest success story of them all. If the US had handed communism an easy victory in Vietnam, there could have been a domino effect backwards away from progress and there could now be 12 North Koreas dotted around the globe.

North Vietnam and her communist backers supposedly won the war, but a generation on, the world has turned the American way bar North Korea which got left behind. That war cost 50,000 American lives. Was it a reasonable price to pay?

The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars could have been won by the US and her allies if they had had a draft, and increased defence spending as happened in VIetnam. Next time a similar war is fought, probably prompted by terrorist outrages encouraged by the West’s failure in Iraq and Afghanistan, the non-Moslem world cannot afford to skip the full cost of fighting a war.

If Cameron and Brown are pro-war, they can only hold that position uncriticised if they also say that these two current wars were not prosecuted as purposefully as they should have been. There should been a Draft and big increase in defence spending. If they don’t say that, they are simply riding on Tony’s coat-tails. Brown could never say that as he was the Chancellor at the time. Cameron could, although this approach would fall more naturally to Liam Fox. Once Blair’s gone, the lack of resources aspect could become the dominant theme in this debate.

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