Veiled Threat To Labour’s Core Vote

It is claimed by the BNP that Labour launched the anti-veil campaign, as they are losing many of the 14 million white working class vote to them, while their previous multicultural stance only appealed to 1 million Moslem voters. The BNP claim that Labour’s new approach is needlessly alienating moderate Moslems who are needed in dealing with the terror threat, and it is leadig to attacks on Mosques. Is this the pot calling the kettle black? It is interesting to find the BNP claiming the higher moral ground.

hospital again

I will be chewing on this, while back in hospital this week for treatment. The test results were not great but could have been worse. There are no phones allowed or internet so access to blog will be limited again this week. There are many foreign patients there from all parts of the globe, so I can carry out the occasional political survey while nurses stick needles into me.

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