Queue Chaos Ends Maude’s Credibility

Cameron must have had enough of Maude. He’s expressed his disappointment with Maude enough times already over the A Lists. We’ve seen how Maude alone out of the top Conservatives failed to resign his potentially unsuitable commercial interests – especially his Chairmanship of the Jubilee Investment Trust which has significant shareholding in a big American Porn Business, now exposed by the Daily Mirror making us all look stupid. Cameron resigned his drink trade directorship, and Letwyn gave up his in case it backfired, but not Maude. He’s still trying to defend his Chairmanship saying he doesn’t own the business personally. What an idiot.

And now we have the Party Conference queue chaos – again the responsibility of the Party Chairman who pulls the most dreadful Red Top headlines for being a purveyor of porno filth, on the same day as 2000 influential people are forced to stand in the Bournemouth rain for hours on end – some for more than a day.

Cameron fears Maude as one of the most treacherous people in the Conservative Party -always happy to brief against a leader who is foolish enough not to put him into a top job. But keeping Maude as Chairman any longer is showing him up for what he really is – an incompetent, outdated, bombastic oaf unable to run a piss-up in a brewery. Whatever the benefits are of not have Francis Maude against you, they cannot be as bad as having him on your side playing with you. He has to go. He is a liability. We’ve seen enough.

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