Portillo Wants A List Army of Cronies

Portillo wrote in today’s Sunday Times (October 8th) – Not only are Tory activists bristling because it was harder to get on television, they also resent losing the freedom to choose parliamentary candidates. It is a tremendous blow to those whose closest brush with power in the whole of their lives comes when they help to decide who will be elected to Westminster.

Woooooooo! Portillo more than anyone hates Conservative Constituents as his own in Kensington & Chelsea clipped his wings back when he attemptd to unseat IDS, and those in Enfield kicked him out.

Now he’s moved on to advocating the termination of representative government. Much of his political writing betrays insight, but when it comes to his own experiences, he’s bitter and twisted and dangerous. He was always disloyal to all his leaders, and despises anyone ‘lower’ (in his own view) to himself.

If the A List had been done correctly – opening up the Party to the regions and ending its south eatern, public school, oxbridge domination, it would have been a good idea. As it is, we are getting more of the same with sex changed and a dash of colour. Of course Portillo has no objection abut that. All his cronies from Maude onwards like it that way.

The thing that threatens Cameron’s credibility more even than the EPP is the fact that the A List has failed to open us up to the North. If Cameron were to swap Maude for someone who can achieve the regional breadth the Party needs, then the A List would be justified. As it is, it’s being used to build an army of cronies. The way that Battersea was handled proves the point. The deadly battle for control of the Conservative Party continues.

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