Murdoch Softens anti-Cameron Stance

Rupert Murdoch reported in The Herald. 9th October, Describing Mr Blair as a “lame duck”, Mr Murdoch suggests Mr Cameron is currently all about constructing “what he believes will be the right public image”. He adds: “The sooner we can see a face-off between Gordon and Cameron, the sooner we can see the future”

Previous quotations from Murdoch showed a certainty about Gordon Brown which suggested that Murdoch was backing him. When asked what he thought about Cameron on US TV a few months ago, he replied ‘not much’.

The Party conferences over, Murdoch is sliding his position a little to leave his options more open. Obviously Murdoch’s feeling the wobbles about Brown which is hardly surprising with him trailing Cameron by 11% as best next PM in opinion polls. He still cannot quite maange to give David Cameron an open compliment, which speaks volumes about his likely future behaviour towards Cameron. Expect acceptance of Cameron’s success, but little enthusiasm or backing.

Cameron will have to pitch his appeal to voters independently and succeed despite the media, not because of it. Nice to think we might be entering a Post-Murdoch phase in British politics. That would be step number one in our journey back to independence. Keep going, Dave.

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