Moslems Attack British Churches (Unreported)

Throughout the world, all places of worship are considered sacrosanct.

Unfortunately, there are now violent trends which are concerning us here in Britain.

The remarks of the Pope should be responded to by argument not threats. In response to his reported remarks, churches have been attacked and firebombed. But these churches were not Catholic, but Orthodox or from another denomination. This reveals the ignorance and fanaticsm of the violent Muslim cowards involved.

Police are now advising churches to step up security measures in case of attacks on churches from Muslims here in Britain.

There have been previously unreported attacks on churches in the former mill towns of England and in Holland in the aftermath of the murder of the film-maker, Theo van Gogh, by a Muslim fanatic.

There must now be a statement from all Muslims MPs condemning such attacks, in particular, Shahid Malik, in whose constituency of Dewsbury contains the extremist Tablighat Jamiaat. There should also be a statement from Sadique Khan MP, the former chair of Liberty.

Sadique Khan was also legal affairs officer of the Muslim Council of Britain, which usually makes statements on matters of concern to the Muslim community. It condemned the remarks of the Pope but has remained silent on attacks on churches.

The TUC also made a joint statement with the MCB condemning Islamophobia, but there was no condemnation of attacks on churches. The TUC is no longer reflecting the views of members.

Interestingly, Liberty, the human rights group, which strongly supports multiculturalism has made no statement on this as the multicultural experiment falls apart before its eyes.

Meanwhile, it falls to the traditional inhabitants of this country to defend their churches as the ‘human rights’ community decides to ignore their needs.

From ‘Civil Liberty’

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