Maude On The Brink

Francis maude’s in trouble in the Mirror as well as at conference on the A List. He is a non-exec chairman of Jubilee Investment Trust which has major shareholding in big US Porn company, which was hit an HIV scare when two of its stars contracted the disease.

Maude should have resigned this position as soon as he accepted Cameron’s request to act as his Rt Hand man. He must have realised he was running a big risk by not resigning this position, and now we are all being made to look stupid.

Maude’s one of those ones you want in the tent pissing out, or he’ll definitely be outside the tent pissing in – just like Portillo. But he’s not a genius, old-fashioned in his thinking and manner of speech. We can do better.

We don’t need second best at the helm, and it is concerning that so many europhiles are finding their way into key seats. Maude is on the brink.

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