Maude Has Wasted The Purpose of The A List

“Some 52% of the 100 were privately educated – compared to 59% of the Conservative MPs elected in 2005 – and 28% were educated at Oxford or Cambridge. And there were relatively few “fresh faces”, with 89% having worked for the Conservative Party in some capacity or stood in previous national or local elections as Conservatives.” – Daily Mail

Isn’t the A List a cock-up? It’s meant to change the face of the Parliamenetary Party but Maude’s allowed it to replicate the Oxbridge, south of england, public school educated BOF’s of yesteryear. We’re doing alright down south, Maude yer berk. It’s the NOrth we have to convince, and we won’t do that with wall to wall public school southern accents. give me a break.

Surely Maude’s a busted flush. The Chairman himself should be from the North for God’s sake to show we mean business – not some cliche-talking bore like Maude with his phrasing sounding as if he’s never heard of anything since the 1980’s.

Now we have to put up with him messing up the Party Conference with mile long queues of people who’ve paid £200 to get in. I mean. What is he bloody playing at?

And at the same time, he’s plastered all over the Daily Mirror for chairing a company that invests in pornography at the least and who knows? maybe worse, where two ‘actors’ have contracted HIV and the whole thing’s in a state of panic. Condoms were optional apparently. He should have resigned from that as soon as he was appointed, and he knows perfectly well. Do we really have to listen to our Party Chairman pretending it’s not to do with him as he doesn’t own shares personally?

Cameron can do better. We can do better. Will Maude go please? He’s known mostly for his disloyalty to leaders who overlook his great talents. Working with Maude might keep his knife out of Cameron’s back, but he’s fucking up the Party. Get a Yorkshireman for Chairman and I don’t mean William Hague.

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