How To Get Out Of Europe.

Eurosceptics have no choice but to totally reject involvement with the MER, the movement for European reform. It is a ploy.

The problem for the eurosceptic movement in the UK is that the energies of so many sceptics are being deployed wastefully. UKIP stands against almost all Conservative MP’s regardless of their views,. Unless PR is introduced, a vote for UKIP is always a wasted vote. In fact it is worse than a wasted vote. UKIP managed to prevent up to 20 Eurosceptic Conservative MP’s from getting to the House of Commons in 2005, ensuring that twenty Lib Dem and Labour europhiles were elected in their place.

Conservative eurosceptics like Christina Speight focus a lot of their energy in attacking Cameron. In the world as it was, that approach might have made sense. Go to the top, people used to say. No one knows where the top is any more. The Conservative Party as it currently stands is a coalition, with members of the Bildeberg Group like Ken Clarke, William Hague and Rupert Murdoch (the phantom of British politics) on the one side, and with the vast majority of the party who are eurosceptics on the other. Despite the preponderance in numbers in favour of euroscepticism, the balance of power between the two halves of the coalition is if anything still tilted in favour of the eurocompliant (= europhile) wing. This is because the Bildeberg wing of the Conservative Party is backed by the media, which has the power to make or assassinate its leaders.

Cameron is not easy to read, but he does not appear to be eurocompliant. Murdoch continually makes negative statements about him, and Ken Clarke has been seen on Channel 4 issuing public threats against him over the EPP. It seems likely that Cameron is eurosceptic. He was adopted by the europhiles as the best way to stop Liam Fox, who would have been openly eurosceptic in the style of IDS. Rather than allow Fox to win and go through to be the next assassination victim, the pro-EU wing backed by Blair, Campbell and the media promoted the relatively unknown David Cameron, maybe picturing him a new Blair who would be easy to control and manipulate.

Given the situation, Cameron if a eurosceptic will have no choice but to play down the issue of Europe and to play a long game. The MER is of course the next ploy from the europhiles to attempt to stop eurosceptics from attacking the EU and to lay down their arms, and to keep the Conservatives inside the EPP. It will be a white elephant from start to finish.

If British eurosceptics like Christina Speight and also folk like Nigel Farage would wise up to what the game is all about, they would begin to see different strategies to achieve the ends that they desire. UKIP should only focus on removing Europhile MP’s from Westminster, and fight only the last 20 or so europhile seats that are left – including the false eurosceptic Hague. How Hague is still getting away with it defeats me. I guess it’s the power of the media to bamboozle.

The Christina’s of this world should be working on the inside, assiduously pushing for the deselection of the MP’s like Ken Clarke, William Hague and the rump of europhiles that remain. In this way the energies of the eurosceptic movement would no longer be wasted in conflict with each other and the eurosceptic movement would start to achieve a base from which they could make some real progress.

The strategy would be the same whether Cameron is or is not a eurosceptic. I personally think the evidence that he is a eurosceptic is strong. If eurosceptics don’t begin to hit the target, and change the Conservative Party from a coalition dominated by the Europhiles into one dominated by the skeptics, they will have lost the only realistic strategy to remove Britain from the EU that exists.

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