Hague and Cameron – Bizarre Pair

Hague’s an unreformed member of the Bildeberg Group, who are committed to lying to their nations and conning them into doing nothing while the EU seizes power over them.

It is only because Cameron has permitted Hague to run the EU show that Cameron has been allowed to establish his leadership at all by the media.

Cameron himself doesn’t seem to agree with things EU, but he is silent bar the odd flurry such as fighting for the amendment of the Regulatory Reform (End of Parliament) Act which asserted the right for Parliament to overturn the Treaty of Rome.

Murdoch is ranged against Cameron to a large extent saying he didn’t think ‘much’ of him on US TV. That’s a sign that the ‘eurobilders’ are as worried by Cameron, as the eurosceptics are by Hague.
I’m not surprised.

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