Gordon Brown Is A Genius

There must be some mistake. Gordon Brown was promised by Blair in 1994 that one day he would be the most popular politician in Britain. Blair is welching on the deal. The unions have been bribed, Labour MP’s threatened, but still the pollsters don’t understand the facts – Brown is the best – the best I tell you. He’s a master of economics, selling gold for $250 an ounce. He hit the lowest point in the market for 40 years. No hedge fund would come close. He’s destroyed the pension industry, and condemned millions to poverty in old age. He’s even stopped all exloration in the North Sea singlehanded, by taxing the oil companies to a standstill, making Britain dependent on foreign energy for the first time in a generation.

Pollsters what is your problem? You can have 100% final salary pensions for life if you want, seats in the House of Lords, a chance to meet Gordon’s children even, but for Gord’s sake, get your bloody facts right. I mean, Rupert Murdoch’s backing Gordon Brown, Paul Dacre of the Daily Mail. These people are media demi-gods, so powerful and influential that it only takes a month or two of soft puffs for Gordon and he’ll leave Cameron for dust. These people can turn round the tide of public opinion with their dead tree slices.

What part of ‘Gordon’s a genius’ don’t the British public understand? Don’t they enjoy being the highest taxed nation in the world?

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