Don’t Kill The Goose That Lays The Golden Eggs

There ia a battle going on is for control of the Conservative Party. As in all battles there’s ploy and counter ploy. If you adopt a literal interpretation of what you see, hear and read, it is most unlikely that you are seeing the true relevance of many of the events taking place. I am suggesting that eurosceptics have what they want in place – as regards Cameron being leader.

The opposition to Cameron is partly people who wish to manoevre him rightwards as it were. And there is the europhile media who have cottoned on to the fact or fear that Cameron is not acting as the europhile or at least the eurocompliant he was intended to be, when they campaigned for his coronation.

The eurocompliant media can feed their campaign against Cameron, which is intended to fracture the Conservative vote and stop Cameron winning power, by taking the lines from those like Christina and Sean Fear on Conservativehome.

If such traditional Conservatives realised that Cameron was actually on their side, but he’s involved in a deadly power game on which Britain’s future rests, they would not be writing as they are. The eurosceptic vote is too easy to fracture – UKIP, BNP, many smaller parties and also stay at home and Green. The only way to actually get out of the EU is to back Cameron, although he will not say the words EU once, or he’s dead meat, and the eurocomplaint wing of the party that has the media onside will devour him. They are angry enough at his silence, and non-attendance at EU meetings. It is tragic that Tory right-wingers don’t realise how good Cameron is as regards being ‘one of us’.

They’re used to Blair. Cameron pretends to be a Blair to get media support, but in fact he has other ideas and is nothing like a Blair. He’s used the ‘I’m the next Blair’ cover story to grab the media backing needed for his coronation, and to get this far. He will need your support to get much further. Traditional Conservatives should give this a bit of thought.

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2 Responses to “Don’t Kill The Goose That Lays The Golden Eggs”

  1. John East says:

    If Cameron proves to be, and to act, as a true Conservative and a Eurosceptic once in power in spite of his presentation as something else now, then he will have been proved to be a truely remarkable man.

    It will be so much easier, even if he’s not a Blair clone today, to slip into this role once he’s safely in No.10, and planning his next campaign for a second term.

    Even so, I’ll hang my flag to the Cameron mast as there appear to be no alternatives. I’ll review this position if UKIP take the lead in the polls, i.e. never, otherwise voting Tory and not attacking Cameron too agressively over the next three years is the only game in town.

  2. tapestry says:

    The Party is a coalition. Cameron is straddling two camps, europhile and eurosceptic. The europhile wing are the assassins – who saw off Thatcher and IDS. They hold the trump card by having the media. Cameron knew he had to cooperate with this faction to win the leadership.

    But is he cooperating willingly or out of necessity?

    If the latter, that means he would have more options once in power to turn his coat.

    I believe that he is cooperating with the media and the europhiles out of necessity. There is enough evidence that they are getting dissatisfied with him, and they are especially jumpy because Gordon Brown is increasingly resembling a lemon.

    Thank for your thoughts, John.

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