David and Goliath?

Could John McDonnell MP be for Gordon Brown what IDS was to Portillo in 2001? An outsider, a eurosceptic, a conviction politician, the David who slew Goliath? He’s the only labour MP who’s declared he will challenge Gordon Brown for the leadership, but he needs to raise 44 Labour MP’s signatures to permit him to run. If he raises that number, he is thought to be unlikely to win. But he’s not a complete write-off, and at a bet of 400-1 or so, according to www.politicalbetting.com, he offers good value. Labour have painted themselves into a corner by making Gordon Brown their automtaic next leader. Will John McDonnell get them off the hook. Brown’s built his position by being kept in place for 9 years by Blair. Without Blair, Brown on his own is clearly out of his depth. When will this reality kick in – before he’s chosen as leader or after?

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