Dannatt Should March On Downing St

Simon. Exactly right. You need a war to carry out these methods of breaking an army down into Cultural Marxist control. You say you don’t see the evidence for the Iraq war being used to further Cultural Marxist aims, but then you yourself provide it. Where else in the Cultural Marxist programme have they taken out advertising to let you know what they are up to? It is blindingly obvious.

It has always been a complete puzzle to most people why Blair went for the Iraq war against his own Party, public opinion, and the intelligence and security services, which necessitated the assassination of David Kelly who said the intelligence was being fixed to make war inevitable. If it suited the C-M fraternity to commit to a hopeless war, and then mess the army around, to grind the Army down, that would make a lot more sense.

Otherwise why won’t Gordon Brown insist that the Hercules transport planes have their tanks fitted with foam? Or have the Nimrods properly serviced? Compared to the billions he throws away on defunct IT projects, the cost is chicken feed. It is quite clear Brown and Blair care not a fig for the lives of British servicemen. In fact the more they can drag the Army down to their level, the happier they will be.

If I was General Dannatt, I wouldn’t waste my time writing articles in the Daily Mail and be used as a pawn in the Brown war to evict Blair. I would march on Downing St and enforce a cessation of this government, followed by proper elections with the fraud taken out, the ending of our membership of the EU, and the reestablishment of The Queen In Parliament as our Sovereign.

It is not just The Army threatened with extinction. It is Britain too.

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  1. John East says:

    I’ve been convinced for the last decade that the army, navy and air force were left largely PC free for a reason.

    My assumption was that even New Labour aren’t stupid enough to destroy the institutions they might ultimately need to finally win the argument that they are the natural party of government.

    Today, I’m not so sure. I suspect PC, Newspeak and the ideology behind these forces have developed an independent life of their own.

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