Cameron’s Kids Being Used?

If Cameron was Blair, I’d agree about him using his kids for PR. But Cameron’s his own man, independent minded and not prepared to be ordered around by anyone. Blair bends and twists to serve the best image he can achieve at any gioven time. Cameron is more of a Thatcher. He’s the one to decide when things will happen, and how, and he works from principles as expressed in Built To Last. If he’s not ready to express a view on an issue, he refuses to be drawn, while Blair would reach for the nearest soundbite and that would overnight become policy.

Cameron’s presenting himself as a ‘local’politician, a human being politician right from the beginning.

Blair would run for family exposure in times of trouble as a sticking plaster. Andrew Neil says Gordon Brown uses his as ‘human shields’. Cameron’s saying ‘my children are part of my life. If you choose me, they’re part of me.’ He’s holistic in the way he talks to us, and he wants us to be holistic in the way we respond. taking responsibility, using the trust that he is prepared to devolve as well as we can. In effect Cameron is saying ‘we’re human beings, not images. we’re all on the same level.’ We should be pleased he’s not seeking to be a demi-God, to live in the media. He’s prepared to be normal, to make little mistakes that don’t matter, to be seen on a bicycle. He’s with us not above us.

Blair lived above us, and now does not know where to go. Brown wants to copy him and be a big media figure but has no idea how it’s done. Cameron will not have their problems. He never left ordinariness in the first place.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I think blair is .. who always wanted the interference in other affair of the country’s politics…

  2. tapestry says:

    It seemed to me that Blair intefered as it were in Iraq because he hoped to be personally significant. Very few British people wanted to go there, but now sadly the job has been started and must be finished. Most British people would like to get out of Iraq when we can.

    As Machiavelli said, you start a war when you like. You are then unable to control events. You get out of it when you can.

    I wonder what the future will bring.

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