Cameron – Tax and Europe.

Cameron will not tackle the main battlegrounds of tax and europe. yet. he doesn’t need to expend so much energy while first lib dem and now labour start to implode, unable to compete with his barrage of common sense. he is right to keep most of his powder dry. if he launched a major offensive and took huge casualties before his army is ready and he has secured his pitch, he might lose.

Cameron is a brilliant strategist. shame his own supporters have not yet learned how to read him, but many are starting to see that he is approaching a Herculean task in a sensible step by step almost boring method. It would be good if a few more Conservatives could climb on board. It’s a long struggle we’re engaged in. Victory will not come about from a couple of commando raids, but from a political D Day style operation the like of which has never yet been seen.

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3 Responses to “Cameron – Tax and Europe.”

  1. Serf says:


    On good days I agree with you, on bad ones I worry that he is destroying conservatism (as opposed to Conservatism, for which he is doing a good job).

    He tells us that we were wrong on many issues, when politically speaking he might be right, but intellectually speaking he is not.

  2. tapestry says:

    Interesting to see Nigel Farage having a go on tax. All irrelevant without PR.
    It makes me think they won’t ever introduce PR as it would allow UKIP and BNP out of the bag – that reason if for no other.

  3. John East says:

    The media have been fishing for a Conservative row over tax cuts, but they haven’t managed to engineer one yet.

    I think that the best policy might be to keep quite and simply announce tax cuts in a future Conservative budget, as and when the opportunities arise. After all, I don’t remember Brown pre-announcing his stealth tax changes before his budgets.

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