Cameron Is Enlightenment In Marxist Clothes

Commentary On Simon Newman Writing on Conservative Home on Cultural Marxism

Islamism is providing a new context for cultural Marxism. The Enlightenment which granted individuals the right to make decisions according to their own conscience, now has these two determined cultural enemies, both of which aim to dictate to individuals what they must think and how they must act.

If either one succeeds in breaking the Enlightenment, the world will be condemned to a period of non-growth in economic terms, and a lock-in to current levels of technology and behaviour.

Yet we urgently need to move ahead to new environmentally good technologies, generate the economic growth to stabilise population levels, and develop the capability to win wars such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

Cultural Marxism and Islamism are both cultures of failure, which aspire to stopping progress. They must not be allowed to destroy the institutions we need to build a future in which mankind can survive on this planet.

Cameron’s Compassionate Conservatism is undoubtedly an Enlightenment booklet. I have no doubt that Cameron is the Enlightenment in Cultural Marxist clothes, as Simon Newman suggests he might be, and it is good to see his progress continuing despite attempts to undermine him in the Murdoch and Europhile Press. The world needs him to succeed.

The Enlightenment needs to update its core beliefs, and find a new way to express them. The context was religious in the 18th century. It was not possible to explain the Enlightenment in exclusively human terms then, or look too closely at the cultural tendencies in human behaviour outside of formal religion.

The future world can either be constructed out of Islamic beliefs or from Cultural Marxism, both of which are emphasised on the evil of mankind, as was 18th Century Christianity (only God was good). Or the future could now be built on an emphasis on what is good in humanity, on the contentment that can be achieved by people deciding of their own free will to work or fight together to a common purpose.

If the Western world redefines its core value as the inner feeling of Contentment, with less emphasis on monetary and mechanistic values (not in conflict with them), the Enlightenment will become a far stronger force, and enable it to fight back more cohesively against its two current enemies – Islamism and Marxism.

Simon Newman is one of the best exponents of complex subjects in terms that ordinary folk like me can understand. I hope he keeps writing.

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5 Responses to “Cameron Is Enlightenment In Marxist Clothes”

  1. Hi – I’m replying to your reply on the Tory blogsite. You say that Islamism believes that individuals must live within their own conscience. I thought that’s what Christianity believes and that this was one of the tenets which cultural Marxism was trying to destroy?

  2. tapestry says:

    Re your comment – I wrote that the Enlightenment permitted individuals to live within their own consciences – the opposite to Islam. Pre-Enlightenment people were hung for blasphemy. Heretics were burned at the stake.

    I’m advocating a more modern version of the Enlightenment for the Cameron age – based on human feeling – making Contentment the ideal condition, and the definition of human success. Islam means submission, a return to the pre-Enlightenment era.

    Cameron’s GWB is close except he saw that as in conflict with GDP materialism. I see contentment as the most productive mind-state for a human being, as well as being the highest reward.

  3. How do you measure national or global contentment?

  4. I suppose national contentment could be measured as a basket in the same way that inflation is measured. Some of my constituents would be the crime rate, GDP per person, the minimum wage…What would you include?

  5. tapestry says:

    I’m not sure how to express a value like Contentment as a statistic. I was seeing it as a cultural emphasis to be encouraged, while its opposite number Jealousy is discouraged. Political leaders are in a unique position to influence behaviour without making any laws, or providing statistical justification. Values can be expressed in words, or in behaviour.

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