Cameron Humanity Versus Brown Folly

The hospital is giving me the treatments now, and today I am amazed. I drove to London at 5.30 am arriving at 8.45 am, had five hours of Chelation where a drip is put into a vein of a chemical which bonds with metals lodged inside the body. It was my second go at it. I then drove home in traffic on the M1, and still don’t feel tired at nearly midnight. It’s as near to a miracle as I have experienced. For three years or more, I’ve been chronically fatigued, but now with chelation ripping out my high levels of mercury and lead, combined with minerals and vitamins to boost the immune system, I have energy flooding back.

Blogging suited my poor energy levels of the last year in particular, but right now fighting back for health has rather taken over as the top priority. Seeing the various polls in today’s FT and The Times, supposedly indicating a drop in popularity for Cameron seem more like wishful thinking on their part. The problem for the dead tree merchants is that they have been press-ganged into a doomed voyage, committed to backing the Captain of the Ship designate one Gordon Disaster Brown – the architect of Britain’s collapsing economic virility.

Cameron’s too good for Brown to compete with, and the Brownite media is desperately searching for a way to land a blow. However human Cameron might be, and he is certainly willing to be just that, and does not need to hide behind a projected image, Brown has no idea how to act as a normal person. Apart from his unease in his own skin, he makes the rest of the country uneasy too. Our pensions are substantially diminished. Our strategic gold reserve sold at the cheapest price in its history, and Oil Companies are wunwilling to invest in any new capacity in the North Sea fearing the endless ‘windfall’ taxes.

Unemployment surges to 1.7 million in addition to the 5 million adults who are on disability benefits, in false jobs or on false university courses. PFI has mortgaged the financial future, and unafforable pensions have been promised to public sector workers, driving taxes ever upwards. There never has been a greater economic mess created in Britain’s history, from the golden scenario bequeathed by the Conservatives. Government spending has doubled since 1997 from 800 million a day to £1.6 billion a day now, and nothing noticeable has been achieved with the £200 billion extra which Brown wastes every year.

Brown’s a basketcase, and rolling out fasle polling resulys from MORI in the hope that the puiblic can be conned all over again is asking too much.

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