Blair and Brown Try To Break British Army

Taking yesterday’s comments from Simon Newman on Cultural Marxism (see Previous Post), and remembering those of General Dannatt, it makes you wonder if sending our troops to fights wars with inadequate equipment and resources is not a deliberate policy.

Dannatt said that Iraq could break the Army. That could be wishful thinking on the part of the Blairs and the Cultural Marxists. In the same way that they want the end of hunting, the House of Lords, the legal profession, the common law, the monarchy and anything else that makes Britain the country we are.

The Cultural marxists want to break us up, and deliver us into the hands of Brussels, to not exist as the British or English nation any more. What an obvious step in that process, to try to break the Armed Forces.

Gordon Brown seems just as delighted to allow the Army to rot without proper funding as Blair does. If Labour crash to to 20% in the polls they will well deserve it. Rereading the words of General Dannatt, it makes you realise that he meant every word. Iraq could break the British Army. What he didn’t say was ‘as intended’.

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