Opinion From Hans Spotty Ring

The 5 rebels who voted against a Europe-wide Euro should be made examples of – Hannan, their ringleader especially, Helmer, the treacherous British snake in the grass, Callanan, Kammall and Heaton Harris.

The 5 rebels and the 14 abstainers should all be evicted from the EPP immediately without further notice. The 8 EPP loyalists, OTOH should be rewarded with pensions for life, the right to live tax free indefinitely, and provided with state paid sexual favours, abducted children if they desire. The EU is great. The Euro is great. Long live Bribery and Corruption. Taxes must be raised across Europe to pay for it all.

Support the EPP – the European Pillaging Party. Britain Must Not Be Allowed To Escape The Inevitable. Cameron is a waste of time. Doesn’t he like his palm being crossed. What’s wrong with the idiot, talking in his kitchen and washing up the dishes? Why doesn’t he get some illegals in, and enjoy some exploitation? Why did Britain join the EU in the first place? Just vote for the Euro you stupid British Conservatives, and you can join in the fun. You get everything you ever desired. OK?

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