The Army Must Speak Out

Simon Newman cannot be held responsible for my speculations re NuLab’s motivation in sending an Army to war and yet refusing to support the troops sent. No member of the government is willing to accept responsibility for the lack of obvious things like foam in fuel tanks. This forces one to the conclusion that the situation where soldiers’ lives are being lost needlessly must be pleasing to Gordon Brown and Tont Blair. All Simon Newman has provided is a possible reason why they are happy to break the British Army in this way. Dannatt has already made it clear that that is what Blair and Brown are doing. The only question is – why are they doing it?

Cultural Marxism being rife throughout the Civil Service provides an answer that makes sense. Otherwise it would be inexplicable how Blair and Brown could be content to see their fellow countrymen shot down and killed when they could easily do something to prevent it. An Army which is so badly let down by its own government has the right to speak out. Dannatt must keep talking, and ensure the Army is not broken.

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