Why Murdoch Attacks Cameron

The media are asking questions about David Cameron pre-Party Conference. The BBC for example: ‘Will PR triumph over policy?’ Sky TV are being far less polite, even running a poll asking viewers if they think Cameron is ‘vapid’. On the Vapidometer, Cameron scores 70%. OUCH!

The signs are there that Murdoch is out to stop David Cameron if he can. When asked on US TV what he thought of David Cameron, he said, ‘Not much’. And so on. Murdoch is also out there in force trying to secure Gordon Brown the Labour leadership. Anyone who thinks Murdoch is politically motivated policywise, is forced to the conclusion that he’s a rampant tax-and-spend enthusiast, which seems unlikely.

The theory that he backs only winners is also called into question. Brown is a dinosaur and looks set to tumble. John Reid’s odds are narrowing every day, as the realisation sets in that Brown is a total basket case. Without Blair he’s not saleable. Murdoch’s backing the loser.

The only Murdoch theory that fits every time is that he backs whoever the EU have decided they want. Major in preference to Kinnock. (Labour with a small majority could not have pushed Maastrricht through the Commons while Conservatives had enough cohesion and discipline to get it through). Blair in preference to Hague. (Blair pro-Euro etc). IDS was got rid of for being a known eurosceptic. And so on.

Lance Price has always insisted that Murdoch called the tune on Labour’s policy on the EU, when he worked in Downing St.

Conservatives who fear that David Cameron is a secret europhile should take courage from the fact that Murdoch continually attacks Cameron. It is impossible to follow a eurosceptic pattern in Cameron from his rhetoric and his actions so far such as the EPP. But if Murdoch doesn’t want Cameron as PM, you can read that as the EU doesn’t want him as Prime Minister. Cameron is a lot ‘sounder’ than people have been lead to believe.

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