Where are the moderate Moslems?

The problem is that moderate Moslems don’t shout and shake their fists. They just get on with it, and keep their heads down. While supporting the fighting of extremists and terrorists, you should bear in mind that one reason so many terrorist attacks are foiled is the willingness of moderate Moslems to help prevent the attacks. Don’t ignore them as your life depends on them.

The solution to the problem of Islamofascism will ultimately come from within the Moslem countries, and the Moslem communities.

Their culture will grow beyond the current phase of insecurity about their place in things. Ordinary people will gradually realise that their leaders are acting against their interests by maintaining a hostile and aggessive stance against the world.

The Pope is in a difficult position. He is right to challenge the unreasonableness of the etxremists, but he could position his comments by stating how much the actions of the extremists conflict with the reasonableness of many moderate Moslems, and look for the common ground that such people have with Christians.

It is right for him to fight evil, but also to avoid collateral damage.

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