What has Gordon Brown offered the EU?

There is definitely something up with Murdoch’s media network taking a very soft line on Gordon Brown. Sky News presents Brown in presidential style. Irwin Stelzer in The Spectator – 9th September – has a most curious piece on Gordon Brown, which ends up trashing David Cameron, as follows –

‘If he(Brown) follows his head rather than his heart, he should present the voters with a reasonable alternative to his hoodie-loving, chocolate- and Thatcher-hating, Israel-bashing opponent.’

There is little doubt that the Murdoch media machine is running with Brown for Labour leader. There is also little doubt that that support includes offering to back him through the next General Election as well. Much of current Tory rejoicing has not realised that Brown has loaded the dice.

Murdoch must have cleared his support of Brown with the EU, who hold all the strings. What has Brown offered the EU to secure all this is the only question?

Is it compliance with the Constitution, or the Euro – or both?

Subsequently reported in The Daily Mirror – on Friday 15th September – Brown is suggesting Proportional Representation. So now we know.

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