UKIP Strategic Mess

If UKIP want withdrawal from the EU, they should stop standing against eurosceptics, and target eurocompliant MP’s only.

UKIP’s electoral strategy is a farce. They are far more likely to accelerate the loss of Britain’s independence by standing against eurosceptics, than they are to prevent it.

Equally by reducing potential Conservative majorities, they are postponing the day when a Conservative leadership would be in a strong enough position ignore its eurocompliant rump.

Now they’re waffling on about low tax in competition with John Redwood.

UKIP should focus on what their core business is, if it wants to be considered anything other than an egotistical farce, a home for fruitcakes, loonies and racists.

There cannot be many organisations in the world with a single declared aim that continually behaves in a way guaranteed to achieve the exact opposite. Farage looks a bit sheepish, winning the poisoned chalice of UKIP leadership. I’m not surprised. It’s a bloody mess.

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