Terrorists Want To Be Admired (Deep Down)

John Humphreys interviewed Abu Izzadeen, the West Indian convert ot Islam who heckled John Reid, the Home Sec during his visit to a Moslem community. The interview which was a torrent of threats, accusations and demands is well fisked by Dizzy in Dizzy Thinks. One phrase stands out from the outpourings of ‘Izzy’. He talks of ‘Islamic methodology’.

Izzy sees the need for threats, justifications of terrorism, accusations and demands but by talking of ‘Islamic methodology’ he’s giving a clue of something else – that he also wants to be treated as a reasonable, educated and civilised human being. Like all aggressors, as that is what he appears to be, he wants to overpower – but, at the same time not to be thought of as an uneducated thug.

He has a problem, as the more he threatens, and the more he carries out his threats, the more he will be seen by people including Moslems as an uncivilised barbarian, and the more ludicrous he will be in using words such as ‘methodology’ – when he really means murder. Not even terrorists want to be seen to be ridiculous. Maybe he has a weak point after all.

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