‘Stone Age’ Environmentalism Is Wrong

It’s all a question of emphasis. We have all the qualities within each of us – to be transient and to settle, for example. We are never all one thing or all another. It’s just a case of which bit we emphasise at any particular time. Political parties supposedly divide into left and right, but it’s more a difference of emphasis, than a clearcut divide between them. Cameron seems to be aware of this, and he cleverly draws from all sides of the argument.

The coming of environmentalism doesn’t need to be presented as the end of economics. We’ve had ‘the end of history’ and look where that got us (Iraq). To hear Zac Goldsmith sounding off against economics to make way for the environment is a mistake. It is only through economics that technology will come to the fore, and remove the bad technologies that we currently have. Caring and economics are not mutually exclusive.

The arrival of the new is always impossible. We only have things like the jet engine and computers because of the push that wars have given us. We need to find ways to adavance technology fast without the resistance that always stands in its way. It is nuts for Zac Goldsmith to be providing a major source of resistance to the new technologies that we need. We cannot go back to the stone age. We must push forward and improve our world, economically, scientifically and spiritually – all together. Redwood is just as key as Goldsmith and IDS in setting the right values. None must be allowed to claim to represent the whole picture.

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4 Responses to “‘Stone Age’ Environmentalism Is Wrong”

  1. Praguetory says:

    I fear that Cameron is bewitched by Zac. By the way, your excellent blog was well under-rated by Iain Dale.

  2. tapestry says:

    I started end of June so feel flattered to be in the Top 100 at all. The presentational style is weak. Serf said he would upgrade it for me, but nothing happened yet! Pleased that my blog reads well in the Czech Republic. Your blog looks to be very busy. What’s your picture all about? Partytime? Thanks for comment.

  3. Praguetory says:

    I pulled the picture off a stag-do website. It is atypical, just a bit of fun. PS – Call me a wimp but I’ve calmed down re kicking Kirkhope now that Roger is back in.

  4. tapestry says:

    The europhiles are still at play. The MER or Movement For European Reform is the next piece in the game. Just a ploy to try to fend off the EPP exit next time around. Stay angry if you can keep it up – or at least don’t go silent.

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