Roger Helmer’s Not Quitting the EP

2009 euro-elections: I am planning to run

When asked “Will you run again in the 2009 election?”, my standard response was that I had not yet decided. Now I have. I am determined to run in 2009 (or at least to offer myself for re-selection).

The problem right now is that, with the Conservative Whip suspended, I am actually not eligible to offer myself as a Conservative candidate. However, I am continuing to use my best efforts to resolve the outstanding difficulties with the delegation, and I am hugely grateful to all those Conservatives across the region, and beyond, who have supported my efforts. I am now hopeful that progress will be made.

There are various reasons for my decision to run in 2009. First, it is a huge advantage to any euro-candidate-team to have an experienced incumbent MEP on the list. With Chris Heaton-Harris headed for Daventry and Westminster, I am the only East Midlands Conserva­tive MEP available to run, and I owe it to the Party and the region to do so.

Secondly, the great debate on Europe is as interesting and exciting and important as it ever was. I believe we have seen off the threat of the euro, but the battle over the Constitution is not over yet. There is a big job to do and I believe I have an important part to play.(Roger Helmer’s newsletter Sepember 2006)

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