The Post Blair Era

I am not and never have been a member of the Communist Party, sorry BNP. They are active in our Constituency now and polled around 5% in the Council elections in the 2 wards they stood in. That was before they started a Constituency organisation. Their support will surely grow, and as you say their support is mostly Labour, although I know one Conservative who is considering swapping over to them.

Today’s poll on CH (BPIX?) gives 16% to ‘others’ (100-84) but we are not told what others are made up of. I imagine that BNP and the Greens are the majority.

I am convinced that various undemocratic measures are being used against the BNP – such as vote rigging. My report on Postal Voting (previous post) covers some of this.

If the BNP continue to grow, by 2009 they could be as big as the declining Lib Dems. In this scenario, Cameron’s strategy would have been constructed around defeating one opponent only to find a new one had taken their place. If that happens, presumably his rhetoric would alter and become less environmental, and more about fair voting, democratic accountability and so on. His localism would tailor well with many BNP policies. Meanwhile the BNP website is occasionally the most informative location on the net about what’s going on at street level – if some articles are slightly paranoid.

It’s the inevitable reaction to Blairism, where democratic accountability has been sacrificed in a deal for support from media tycoons, and foreign powers.

Labour might decide to ditch their close association with Rupert Murdoch as Blair goes. To do that they will need to ditch Brown too, Johnson, Milburn and Reid. Charles Clarke might be the only independent candidate, that has the strength to walk away from Murdoch’s toxic embrace. Only then could Labour start to resist their break-up into BNP hands.

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