Orwell’s 1984 – only 30 years out.

Cameron’s adoption of Local Democracy will be revolutionary if he can do it.

From 1914 on, Britain centralised power. By 2014, an individual will scarcely have any choices left which can be made without state interference. Blair wants to intervene before children are even born. He’s probably only mouthing a policy which is already being advocated within the bureaucracy. All children are already being put on a datebase which monitors their risk level – that is from their own parents. It’s truly terrifying.

Orwell predicted 1984 as the date when the totally centralised state would come into being. That was the date that computers really began to kick in. It will be about thirty years later, and he’ll be right. The State is becoming so powerful, that individual life is ceasing to have much meaning.

No wonder one fifth of people want to leave the country, and become human beings who are listened to once again.

Undoing the panoply of state power and control will be nigh impossible, but Cameron tells us he’s prepared to try. Someone’s got to.

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2 Responses to “Orwell’s 1984 – only 30 years out.”

  1. John East says:

    I suspect that Cameron is not the man for the job.

    Even so, he will probably get my vote by default next time, so I won’t feel guilty if he fails.

    Change will more likely come about once the apathetic majority of middle England and the ranks of the intellectually challenged are forced to face up to the true state of our nation.

    Several people I know, and many more that I have heared about, are emigrating or moving from the cities to the small towns and villages.

    I know that many of these people are idiots because I have spoken to some of them. Not one has any notion that the nanny state is the cause of their woes. More socialism is usually seen as necessary to stop the rot.

    Even more worrying, many blame the disaster that is Britain today on the legacy of selfishness which they attribute to Margaret Thatcher.

    I fear that only a return to basics will suffice. And by basics I mean empty bellies, genuine deprivation, and despair amongst the chattering classes. Cameron will be history once we reach this point.

    His successor will need to be good. I just pray that he is a Tory and not BNP.

  2. Tom Paine says:

    I think John’s fears are well founded. I hear very respectable people saying that they are prepared to vote BNP to “shake up” the system. It’s not rational, as the BNP has none of the answers. But it could benefit from a substantial protest vote purely by being seen to be the “politically incorrect” choice.

    The political classes “cry wolf” over so many issues that they are not taken seriously now on any. Their ability to lead civilised thought if nasty political forces emerge is seriously impaired.

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