Let Moslems Decide If God Has Reason

The Pope raised the topic of reason within religion. The quotation he gave was one in which it was believed that Islam did not use reason.

Some Moslems have spoken since the Pope’s speech to say that they believe that Islam is in fact based on reason, and that they do not believe in violence. Are they speaking ‘twaddle’?

It is uncumbent on every generation to interpret the religious beliefs it is presented with by its forebears. Allow Moslems to produce their interpretation without denying that there are two sides to this debate within the Islamic world.

If the Pope would address the two sides within Islam, his purpose could not so easily be misinterpreted and misrepresented. There is no debate needed within the Christain church, or even a debate between the Christian Church and Islam. There is only a debate between Moslems, to which Christains can only be spectators and commentators, not participants.

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