It’s Violence That’s Wrong, Not Moslems

Sean Fear On Conservative Home wrote:
This quote says it all
“Anyone who describes Islam as a religion as intolerant encourages violence.”
Tasnim Aslam, Pakistani Foreign Ministry Spokesman.
In reply:
Sean Fear, if you allow Tasnim Aslam to speak for all Moslems, you are falling into a trap of tragic proportions. He is speaking the language of unreasonable extremism. He is not even denying this. On the contrary, he is refusing to answer reasonable questions placed by the Pope.
There are many millions of Moslems who do not agree with him. If you are dismissing them from your thoughts, you are as guilty of causing future conflict as anyone.
It is important to stand up for principles, but it is also important not to insist that people who are not enemies, must become so.
In WW2 there were far more Germans willing to act against Hitler than the Allies realised. Those that tried to help us tended to be ignored as potential spies or double agents.
Then Nazis, now Islamofascists.
It makes it easier for the extremists if we exclude the moderates from our thoughts. This is what you appear to be doing. Don’t fall for the game. We are not against Moslems and Islam. We are only against violence being used by extremists to propagate the religion. It would be just the same if they were Christians.

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