Is Hague Up To It?

The position of Roger Helmer is fast becoming the acid test of Hague’s competence.

Hague decided to welch on the EPP promise for no good reason as we can see. Daniel Hannan is certain that there are/were plenty of willing partners for us to form a new group. Each delay merely allows the likes of Kirkhope to practise the black arts and make false accusations against these likely partners.

Now Kirkhope’s at it again (see, accusing Roger of talking about joining the Fruitcakes in UKIP. This is not only an outrageous fabrication. It is TOOO – TOTALLY OUT OF ORDER.

Hague has created this situation so he cannot shirk his responsibilities. He must resolve this running open sore in the Conservative delegation to the EUP, or rightly get the blame for it.

As part of the EPP situation, Hague should have sorted out the position of Roger Helmer. He could esily have asked Kirkhope to ‘reinstate Roger’ as part of the deal. But No. Hague gave the whole deal to the EU-compliant faction, and shit all over the eurosceptics.

There is now no doubt left. KIRKHOPE MUST GO. It is one thing to withdraw Roger Helmer’s whip because he carried out his manifesto commitment and challenged Barroso about suspected corruption in the EUP. The withdrawal of the whip was inappropriate and ‘disproportionate’. But at least withdrawing the whip is recognised as part of the process of party management. Fabricating false stories about Roger Helmer however, and suggesting that he is talking to UKIP is not.

No one has fought harder against UKIP than Roger Helmer. He was up against Kilroy Silk in the East Midlands, but he energetically persuaded voters to stay loyal to Conservatives and promised to fight against EU corruption on their behalf, which he then did. Now the corruption is being aided and abetted by Kirkhope, backed up by William Wetness Hague, and Roger Helmer, the only bloke who is acting as a responsible Conservative should, is being quietly demolished.

Kirkhope has shown that he is total shit with no principles often enough and must go. But William Hague for some reason hopes to keep himself aloof from this bloody mess for which he has been responsible now for a year. He has little credibility left, and should be asked to step aside by David Cameron. If he can’t sort shit, then what the hell is Hague doing posing it around as some kind of leader. He has demonstrated time and again that he has no leadership ability. He has admitted as much, and has stated that he would be quite happy to go and write books now. Well **** off and write a few is my advice. Let someone else get at this situation, and sort it.

If Cameron wants to go on jollies round the world, he’s entitled to do so, but he cannot leave Hague in charge of crucially important business back at home. Even John Prescott would have sorted this one out by now.

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