Is Cameron Sound?

monday clubber on CH asked me if was living in a dream world, because I thought Cameron was not eurocompliant.

i may or may not be living in a dream world. If Gordon Brown takes over Labour, I think some kind of alternative reality would be preferable to having to cope with having a dinosaur as Prime Minister.

Your analysis is shared by a few on CH, I know. In fact I was writing heavily against the EPP decision as it was taken, and was angry with Hague for the cop-out.

But there are two ways of looking at the situation. The eurosceptic MEP’s were stunned into silence. Helmer was due for the chop. But he’s now reprieved, and the voices of the eurosceptics are gradually returning. In fact Helmer is outside the EPP, and still a Conservative.

There could have been reasons why Cameron ducked the EPP choice. He was certainly being threatened with a sustained campaign against him by Ken Clarke while he was still new to position and vulnerable. If he’d been assaulted for being a little englander etc, it might have set back his primary strategy which is still to pick up centre ground voters.

As far as I know Helmer is still loyal. Carswell. Redwood. IDS. Cash. Paterson. And others. Also Hannan. Are you saying that you believe all these to be misjudging the party leader, or sacrificing their beliefs for party position? I’ve read the kind of things you say, have much sympathy, but i do believe that Cameron is, as Thatcher might say, sound – and that you are wrong.

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